Wednesday October 3 2018

News Source: Fund Regulation

Focus: UCITS

Type: General

Country: UK

The Prudential Regulation Authority (‘PRA’) consulted on a proposal to amend its rules to introduce a new liquidity reporting template (PRA110) in Consultation Paper (CP) 13/17 ‘Pillar 2 liquidity’ and, after reviewing responses and providing feedback, published the final template and associated reporting instructions in Policy Statement (PS) 2/18 ‘Pillar 2 liquidity’. The PRA has received a number of additional questions from firms regarding the template and reporting instructions.

The PRA has decided to publish answers to these questions (‘Q&As’) periodically, where questions received highlight a need to clarify the reporting instructions or rules. This document is version 1 of the PRA110 Q&As and covers responses on questions related to monetisation rows.

Firms are encouraged to email questions to their PRA supervisor and copy in 

New Q&As and updates to existing ones will appear in italics and under the PRA110 row/column to which they refer, where possible.

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